Dear Tourists.

Here Is an Apartment With around 80 m2 Area include Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom, Toilet, Terrace and two Bedrooms. You Can Use All Part Of Our Apartment as Sharing With us, and Have One of Bedrooms as Private For Sleep or Rest With Suitable Price.

Your Bedroom Area is 11 m2 and Have Two Single Bed For Two Persons. Mean Maximum Number of Guests is Two Persons. But if You Are Two Adult with one or two Kids or Three or Four Persons in a Group, it's Ok, and You Can Stay Here If You Like.

Also You Will Have Some Free Services:

- One Free Trip City Transfer. (Example: First Meeting For Welcome And Transfer to Home Or Last Meeting For Goodbye And Transfer From Home)

- Free WiFi.

- Free Tea.

- Free Mineral Water.

- Free Breakfast.

and You Can Use Of Some Possibilities:

- Refrigerator.

- Laundry.

- Microwave.

- Oven.

- Shower.

- Toilet.

- Couch and Armchair.

- Bed (with quilt and mattress)

- Smoke In Terrace Please.

And More if Possible For me.

Price For 1 Person:

First Night: 55,000 tomans

Second Night: 50,000 tomans

Tried Night: 45,000 tomans

After Tried Night: 50,000 tomans/night

Price For 2 Person:

First Night: 65,000 tomans

Second Night: 60,000 tomans

Tried Night: 55,000 tomans

After Tried Night: 60,000 tomans/night

Price For 3 Person:

First Night: 75,000 tomans

Second Night: 70,000 tomans

Tried Night: 65,000 tomans

After Tried Night: 70,000 tomans/night

Price For 4 Person:

First Night: 85,000 tomans

Second Night: 80,000 tomans

Tried Night: 75,000 tomans

After Tried Night: 80,000 tomans/night

Kids Under 6 Years Free and 6~12 years 5,000 tomans/night.

Distance To Center City 12km (20~25 minute by usual traffic by snapp taxi and around 6,000 tomans)

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